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We make every effort to select the best products available in all categories of merchandise, and offer these for sale to the soccer community. We offer products for all levels of soccer participation, and it should be noted that an increase in price beyond the intermediate or advanced level usually does not guarantee a corresponding increase in durability or longevity. 
Absence of proper use, maintenance, and product care can cause excessive wear and premature product failure. Products damaged by use or wear will not be accepted as defective.
Conditions for Return of Defective Products
  • Used products may only be returned if their Manufacturer agrees that they are defective in materials or manufacturing.
  • Defective products may be returned for replacement or store credit only. Credit will be for the amount paid for the original product purchased. No freight charges will be reimbursed.
  • Only products which have received proper care will be accepted as returns for credit or replacement.
  • Products damaged by use and wear will not be accepted as defective.
  • It is our experience that for apparel or footwear, virtually all defects in materials or manufacturing are evident in the first 60 days of use. Therefore, after 60 days from the Order Receipt date, any defective product claim will be handled strictly at the discretion of the Manufacturer and Soccer American, Inc.
  • Except in the case of certain balls, field equipment, and other hardware with expressly stated guarantees, no request for return, replacement or credit will be allowed after 120 days from the Order Receipt date.
  • Proof of Purchase must be enclosed (i.e. Order Receipt received with purchase, Order Summary printed from the web site, or received by e-mail;  or at least the Order/Receipt Number, shown on all these forms.)
  • All return shipments for Credit must be pre-paid. We cannot accept COD shipments or shipments marked “bill recipient.” Returns are the responsibility of the sender and his chosen carrier. Make sure to keep all receipts and tracking numbers for returned shipments.
  • The customer will be notified by e-mail of any returned product found not to be eligible for credit or replacement as defective. The item will be returned to the customer at his expense upon request.
  • New items which are found to be defective when received by the customer, will be replaced free of shipping or other charges.
  • Return of Defective Products for credit or exchange may also be handled in person at either retail store, subject to the same conditions.



  • Need your Replacement Gear in a Hurry? You don’t have to wait for your Store Credit, and then apply it to a new purchase. You can place a new order online to ship at once. If your return qualifies under the following terms, we will apply the refund for your returned merchandise to your credit card, upon receipt: 1) You must ship your return within 7 days of your new order; 2) Your return must qualify under the Conditions for Return of Defective Products (above); 3) You must enter the Order Receipt Number for your Replacement Order as requested on your return form to insure proper credit.


To send a product for evaluation for Defective Product Credit, click below to download a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT RETURN FORM.





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