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What is the FIRST TEAM card? How much does it cost?

The FIRST TEAM CARD is the official Soccer American loyalty and discount club.


FIRST TEAM Members get 10% OFF ALL items at and Soccer American retail stores!
A FIRST TEAM Lifetime membership is available for a one-time $25 fee in-store and at

You may purchase membership on by clicking the blue “SAVE WITH FIRST TEAM” (see image below) anywhere on the site or by clicking here and adding the FIRST TEAM CARD to your shopping cart. All discounts will be shown at checkout.

Once you buy your FIRST TEAM CARD, you will see your membership price in your cart when you sign into your account.

What are the benefits of FIRST TEAM membership?

10% OFF* PURCHASES at and Soccer American retail stores! Soccer American FIRST TEAM members get a 10% discount off the listed regular and/or sale prices at and in our retail store locations. All discounts are shown at checkout.


*Are there any items which are not discounted?

Due to manufacturer pricing restrictions, there are a very small number of items which may not be advertised or sold online at discount prices. These items will not show the FIRST TEAM savings messages.


Why doesn't the FIRST TEAM price show under the item anymore?


Due to manufacturer pricing policies we are only allowed to show discount prices for many products on the cart page. The FIRST TEAM Price will be shown to club members at checkout once they have logged into their account.


Does it expire?

No. Once a membership is purchased, it never expires!


Do I get a card?

FIRST TEAM Cards are issued at Soccer American retail locations upon membership purchase, and may be used at retail locations. If a FRIST TEAM membership is purchased online, physical card may be sent upon request. You DO NOT need a physical card to make online purchases. Just login with your membership e-mail to receive your discount!


What are the terms and conditions – What restrictions are there?

Discounts do not apply to purchases of Gift Cards, but FIRST TEAM members will receive the First Team Prices when redeeming or paying with any Gift Card or other credits.


Shipping and freight charges are not discounted - please see our Shipping Policies.

Discounts do not apply to purchases of FIRST TEAM membership, but do apply to all items purchased at the same time as the initial membership fee.







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